Can they (he) do it again?

I find it amusing that in the wake of the Cavaliers’ 112-102 victory over the Magic in Game Five of the Eastern Conference finals that LeBron James’ dominance in the fourth quarter is considered by many pundits to be an indictment of Cleveland’s chances to win the series.
So it’s a bad thing that Cleveland coach Mike Brown finally figured out a way to get his best player isolated, avoid double-teams and get the rest of LeBron’s teammates involved?
I’m not following that logic.
What James did by scoring or assisting on 32 consecutve Cleveland points from late in the third quarter to late in the fourth was a feat even more impressive than him scoring 25 consecutive points in Game Five of the Eastern Conference finals against Detroit two years ago.
This time, James’ full array of talents were on display. He scored on mid-range jumpers and daring drives, but he also showcased his remarkable court vision by seting up teammates for five three-point plays/baskets.
But if you listen to most analysts, that’s a bad thing.
They believe James simply cannot do this again, let alone the two more times Cleveland needs it to win the series and move on to the NBA finals.
My response to them: Why not?
James has already proven in this series that he cannot be stopped. No matter how many times the TNT crew tells you Mickael Pietrus is doing a marvelous job defending LeBron, the truth is James is averaging over 40 points per-game and shooting over 50% against Pietrus and whoever else the Magic throws at him.
So, if your Mike Brown, you look at that and you have two choices: Ride LeBron even more, or put your faith in James’ supporting cast and just keep running the same stuff you ran to get into a 3-1 hole.
In that light, Browns’ decision seems pretty wise.
Now Orlando must react. The Magic can run a defender at James as he penetrates the lane, but he will probably find the vacated Cavs’ player for an open jumper.
If Mo Williams, Delonte West, Daniel Gibson and others hit enough of those shots, the Cavs have a chance to square the series and send it back to Cleveland for Game Seven.
If not, Orlando wins and the Cavaliers have an off-season to lament how LeBron’s supporting cast let him down once again.


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